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This compact, eco-friendly, green machine takes just about any food waste you can throw in it and transforms it into something beautiful.

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The FoodCycler™ Food Recycler

In as little as three hours, the FoodCycler™ food recycler takes your kitchen scraps, reduces them by up to 90% and creates a highly mature, nutrient-rich soil amendment that’s ideal for making your garden grow. Just toss in your food waste, and push go. No pellets, enzymes or additives needed. When it’s done, you have a powerful fertilizer you can use in your outdoor gardens and a removable, dishwasher safe bucket you can easily wash.  

Our food recycler is odorless and lightweight, so it can work its magic anywhere. And unlike colossal landfills or a backyard compost pile, it’s not an eyesore and won’t attract scavengers.

Perhaps best of all, the FoodCycler™ helps reduce methane gas emissions - and saves you money in the process. After all, not only is tossing your cookies a waste of your hard-earned cash, but food waste is also a well-spring of harmful greenhouse gases.

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Watch The FoodCycler™ in Action


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Food Waste Recycling Is Simple And Easy With FoodCycler™

  1. <img> Power on the unit and remove the lid
  2. <img> Drop your food scraps into the bucket
  3. <img> Run the FoodCycler™ when the bucket is full

The Result

Nutrient-rich safe soil amendment for your lawn or garden!


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